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Zircore, LLC represents the business outgrowth of the Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Inc. (MIADS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit collaboration of international dental researchers, educators and clinicians established in 1990 for the furtherance of methodologies and technologies involved in comprehensive perio-prosthetic oral rehabilitation. As the MIADS expanded its visionary advocacy beyond dentistry by becoming the Institute for Advanced Healthcare Studies, Inc. (IAHS), a separate dental device development and commercialization venture was launched in 2004, resulting in Zircore, LLC.

Zircore, LLC was established as a centralized dental prosthetics mass-customization project to service the geographically distant dental practices and in-house dental labs of its founding dentists, Sager (Kansas), Kay and Keough (Florida).  The Zircore mission was to optimize patient treatment outcomes by purposefully merging ongoing multi-center clinical data with emerging industrial CAD/CAM technologies. A professional pier outreach was established to additionally service the specialty dental prosthetic needs of IAHS affiliate dental practices and labs as a method of concomitantly gaging USA marketplace dynamics. A professional staff of talented engineering, dental laboratory and computer science/graphics specialists was assembled to shepherd the Zircore project. Numerous publications and an ongoing portfolio of intellectual property chronicle Zircore, LLC’s ambitions and pronouncements of methods, materials and metrics at the intersection of human dental needs and modern technologies.