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Zircore, LLC maintains an ongoing intellectual property IP Portfolio focused on the future of computer aided dental prosthetics design and manufacturing: Custom Automated Mass Manufacturing - CAM2®. The portfolio includes US patents, patents pending and companion trademarks within the dental CAD/CAM® industry in the USA.

At the heart of all Zircore IP is the recognition that only The Best Crowns and Bridges® and companion components will do for both provider and patient. Zircore IP has been embodied by the 40+ year dental careers of each of its three (3) founders and emboldened by their recent decade of collaboratively focused Zircore R&D. Zircore IP is the outgrowth of its founders’ painstaking review of professional literature and hands-on attention to detail in their internationally recognized evidence-based comprehensive oral rehabilitation clinical practices complete with in-house dental prosthetic labs. Zircore IP principles have been commemorated in multiple distinguished professional publication, presentations and patents.

At the core of all Zircore IP is a Bioidentity™ ‘embodiment of continuity’ dedicated to the scientific rationalization of nature’s evolutionary blueprint for intelligent dental design. Zircore IP empowers modern CAD/CAM® technology with bio-diverse principles of human gnathology at all levels of data, materials, methods and machines. Zircore IP represents an ongoing core commitment to optimizing form and function in dental prosthetics through all methods and means of emerging computer science, artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing methods.

Patents & Trademarks