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Zircore is an internationally recognized intellectual property resource for high quality Dental CAD/CAM applications and related modern industrial Mass Customization. Rooted in time-tested principles of prosthetic dentistry and material science, Zircore IP provides dental professionals and the manufacturing industry with the core competences necessary for embodying enduring individualized esthetics and functions in modern fixed dental prostheses. The Zircore IP Portfolio has continued to grow to serve the emerging digital dentistry industry since its origination in 2004.



Zircore, LLC maintains an ongoing intellectual property IP Portfolio focused on the future of computer aided dental prosthetics design and manufacturing: Custom Automated Mass Manufacturing - CAM2®. The portfolio includes US patents, patents pending and companion trademarks within the dental CAD/CAM® industry in the USA.

At the heart of all Zircore IP is the recognition that only The Best Crowns and Bridges® and companion components will do for both provider and patient. Zircore IP has been embodied by the 40+ year dental careers of each of its three (3) founders and emboldened by their recent decade of collaboratively focused Zircore R&D. Zircore IP is the outgrowth of its founders’ painstaking review of professional literature and hands-on attention to detail in their internationally recognized evidence-based comprehensive oral rehabilitation clinical practices complete with in-house dental prosthetic labs. Zircore IP principles have been commemorated in multiple distinguished professional publication, presentations and patents.

At the core of all Zircore IP is a Bioidentity™ ‘embodiment of continuity’ dedicated to the scientific rationalization of nature’s evolutionary blueprint for intelligent dental design. Zircore IP empowers modern CAD/CAM® technology with bio-diverse principles of human gnathology at all levels of data, materials, methods and machines. Zircore IP represents an ongoing core commitment to optimizing form and function in dental prosthetics through all methods and means of emerging computer science, artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing methods.

Patents & Trademarks



Zircore, LLC represents the business outgrowth of the Midwestern Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Inc. (MIADS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit collaboration of international dental researchers, educators and clinicians established in 1990 for the furtherance of methodologies and technologies involved in comprehensive perio-prosthetic oral rehabilitation. As the MIADS expanded its visionary advocacy beyond dentistry by becoming the Institute for Advanced Healthcare Studies, Inc. (IAHS), a separate dental device development and commercialization venture was launched in 2004, resulting in Zircore, LLC.

Zircore, LLC was established as a centralized dental prosthetics mass-customization project to service the geographically distant dental practices and in-house dental labs of its founding dentists, Sager (Kansas), Kay and Keough (Florida).  The Zircore mission was to optimize patient treatment outcomes by purposefully merging ongoing multi-center clinical data with emerging industrial CAD/CAM technologies. A professional pier outreach was established to additionally service the specialty dental prosthetic needs of IAHS affiliate dental practices and labs as a method of concomitantly gaging USA marketplace dynamics. A professional staff of talented engineering, dental laboratory and computer science/graphics specialists was assembled to shepherd the Zircore project. Numerous publications and an ongoing portfolio of intellectual property chronicle Zircore, LLC’s ambitions and pronouncements of methods, materials and metrics at the intersection of human dental needs and modern technologies.


ZIRCORE Licensing

Zircore, LLC intellectual property – patents, patents pending and trademarks – are licensed by Zircore, LLC through Deborah Peacock, Peacock Myers PC, Albuquerque, New Mexico– Zircore IP represents the keys to the best modern CAD/CAM dental restorations and the future of Mass Customization in Dentistry (Custom Automated Mass Manufacturing – CAM2®). Licensing opportunities are available for Zircore IP portfolio. Non-exclusive licenses required in the USA marketplace have already begun to be placed with subject CAD/CAM OEMs and suppliers in 2017. The Zircore IP portfolio is maintained via formal USPTO intellectual property issuances and registrations, and ongoing Zircore marketplace commitment.

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The Founders


Dr. R. David Sager, graduated from Washington University School of Dental Medicine in 1975 and subsequently completed a Hospital General Dentistry Residency at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago in 1977.He is the past president of the Academy of Dentistry for the Handicapped, federating president of the Federation of Special Care Organizations in Dentistry, and the president of the nonprofit Institute for Advanced Healthcare Studies, Inc.. He is widely published, has lectured internationally and served as  President and CEO of Altatec Biotechnologies, NA from 1999-2004 obtaining FDA clearance and initiating USA sales and marketing for the Camlog Implant System (German). He is active in multiple dental, civic and charitable organizations, and maintained a surgical and prosthetic hospital/general dentistry practice in Manhattan, Kansas for 35 years until retirement in 2016.

Dr. Howard Kay, graduated from Emory University School of Dentistry in 1968, served two years as a dental officer in the US Navy and subsequently completed a 2-year CAGS Residency in Prosthodontics from Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry in 1972.   He has served as an Assistant Clinical Professor in Graduate Prosthodontics at Boston University and University of Florida Schools of Dentistry, and as an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Nova Southeastern University College of Dentistry. He is an Internationally noted lecturer and author/co-author of numerous journal articles and the text, Periodontal & Prosthetic Management for Advanced Cases. He continues practicing prosthodontics on a part-time basis in West Palm Beach, FL.

Dr. Bernard Keough, graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in 1972, served two years as a Dental Officer in the US Air Force and subsequently completed a 2-year CAGS Residency program in prosthodontics at the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry in 1976.  Dr. Keough also coauthored the text Periodontal & Prosthetic Management for Advanced Cases, authored journal articles on prosthodontics, and published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics relating to dental reconstruction, occlusion, and all-ceramic restorations. He maintained a practice limited to prosthetic dentistry in West Palm Beach, FL, for more than 35 years, until his retirement in 2017.